It’s so annoying how people have given a different meaning to the word feminism, before I tell you why I am a feminist let’s define it properly.

Feminism is a range of political, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal; to define, establish and achieve political, economic, personal and social equality of sexes.

A feminist is someone who is an advocate of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes.

From the definition of feminism we see no sex is mentioned for the equality of other sexes meaning it can either be male or female, while a feminist is a female who advocates for women rights. Joining this 2 definitions together states why I am a feminist. I am a feminist who advocates for the political, economic and social equality of sexes.

I am of the believe that no strong feminist would wake up one morning deciding she wants to be a feminist, most feminists always have a story behind their decision. As a feminist my plan is not to wipe away men from the planet or take over their basic responsibilities, i mean we are living in a male dominated world so it’s basically impossible to just all of a sudden sweep them under the mat, all i want is for women to be given a chance!

A chance to speak up

A chance to express ourselves

A chance for our decisions to be implemented

A chance to prove to people that we are more than what they see us to be.

A chance for our voice to be heard.

Don’t you think if for once a woman can get to a position she earned without satisfying a man’s sexual desires? Its high time we actually get rewarded for our hardwork. Women are natural hard workers and after working so hard it’s just one man that will come from no where and say no she can’t get the position because she’s a woman.

As a woman our place is not just in the kitchen or the bedroom, we should also be to have a place in political and economical decisions without any form of godfatherism in the picture. Our rights are not divided into 2 neither do we have male and female rights.

To us feminists nobody likes an extremist. You advocating for the right thing doesn’t mean you should reget certain benefits or stop doing your normal women duties, for example benefits like a guy wanting to pay the bills when on a date and you will say no “I am a feminist i will pay ” mtchew better don’t let your bank account look like someone’s jamb result because you made an insensitive decision. Also don’t go home and keep your husband hungry, telling him he should cook because you want equality of rights in the house, if it was about him cooking he might as well remained a bachelor. All I’m saying is that apply wisdom in all you are doing.

To all my beautiful women out there do everything to make your voice heard, keep working hard , DONT KEEP QUIET IN ANY TYPE OF VIOLENCE AT ALL.






This is so far the best book I have read this year. Dating intelligently from the title will make you think its for people dating yh? but funny how it relates to more of singles than people in relationships, let’s say its a common sense guide into getting into the right relationship and how to sustain that relationship. In this blog post I am going to be giving you some things I learnt from the book ( I am not done reading it tho), one reason for doing this is to encourage you to get and read the book also, because what might be “A WORD” for me might not be the same for you. This book is filled with so much WISDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The disposition I must have is that I’m not just a dress on a shelf waiting to be picked by the highest bidder. I’m not a model on the runway showcasing a dress, but I am an athlete, running a race towards an incorruptible crown.
  2. Flirting turns on the wrong guys and turns off the right ones. Carry yourself with grace. Regardless of your past, you are someone special- worth the blood of Christ.
  3. Dear Parent, what defines a person isn’t where they come from, but who they are.
  4. This idea of dating a person so that you can “change them”. If the love of Jesus shown in his blood stained sacrifice is not enough to change that person, what is so special about your love.
  5. You can’t marry someone who is not in the faith.
  6. Dear lady awaiting Mr right the guy you’re looking for is also looking for a particular kind of girl. Be the right person.
  7. We don’t look at Hollywood or Bollywood, but that wood on the cross, blood stained by Christ’s sacrifice for us.
  8. Physical attraction is important in a marriage but not the most Important thing. There has to be something deeper.
  9. Love is more of a decision than an emotion.
  10. Your body is the temple of God. it can’t simply be a testing ground to know whether you like someone enough to pursue a relationship with them.

Well you guys these are few lessons I have learnt so far reading the book ( I’m not done tho ) ,but I want you guys to join in the journey of completing the book with me. If you can’t the hard copy, you can get it for a 1000naira at or message the author directly on Instagram @lajuiren.


I am so sorry i haven’t posted in a while it was test week in my school, so i was in a romantic relationship with my books for like 2 weeks, but guess what I AM BACK BABY!!!

Funny how i am making my big comeback on valentine’s day abi, it was all part of the plan 😎. I am sure most of you are thinking i am spending my day with one special someone but don’t be deceived my special someone right now is my teddy bear.

I never grew up liking valentine’s day because bad stuffs always happen to me on this day and the only type of gifts i receive this day are always cakes. I remember one time in secondary school when my mum made me return one expensive perfume that my val got me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

To me i always wonder why my guy should choose one day to buy me expensive gifts or spoil me, imagine 1 day out of 365days (sounds so absurd) with the excuse that “it’s valentine “. Yes valentine’s day is a day to love but so also are every 364 days of the year. It’s always so funny how people even loose so much on and after that day sef. So let’s be real with ourselves VALENTINE’S DAY IS OVERRATED.

This girl here is an advocate for SELF LOVE. Don’t depend on some guy to show you love, to all of you that quickly go and look for boyfriend before 14th i am watching you in 5D . Once you don’t know how to love yourself I am 89% sure you won’t find anyone to love you the way you want you to love you (I have PHD in grammer).

Loving yourself isn’t sad trust me because i have heard so many people say its only sad people that take care of themselves because they don’t have anyone to take care of them πŸ˜’ (Rubbish) it’s a LIE!!!!!. Loving yourself should be Self Goals, let people envy the way you love yourself.

Dress well, take yourself out, eat lots of ice cream and cake, SPA!!!, Long showers. Just do things that make you happy.

If you don’t love yourself you’ll always be chasing after people who don’t love you either.




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Hey family,

Young and making it is a new segment on the blog that gives young CEOs a platform to display their brand, sort of a brand review and it will be done once every month i.e 1 brand per month.

So I have been secretly observing this brand for weeks now and I must say TRUTH is truly a brand to watch out for.

T.R.U.T.H which stands for: The Real Uniqueness To Humanity is a clothing and styling brand and What makes TRUTH so unquie is the new era they have brought into the fashion world, I had a lil chit chat with the CEO( Jeffery Ogeawuchi ) and he gisted me on how he was doing a research on fashion when he discovered that he wanted to do something different to create a name for himself, so that when someone hears his name what they think about is TRUTH.

He has successfully made out a 5yr plan on making TRUTH an outstanding enterprise dedicated and committed to the growth the nation (I am sure some of you are wondering how fashion relates to the nation abi? Just keep reading).

Well.. during my research i found out that TRUTH is not just a fashion brand but they also have a foundation, you know the money they make from the fashion aspect they give it back to the society(so amazing right? 😒), the CEO who also is a motivational speaker is doing his bid to the nation by going to secondary schools, impacting and teaching them on “The Real Truth To Academic Success” they have been to schools such as loral international secondary school, St Jude’s, doseg secondary school to mention a few.

I must say again that TRUTH is definitely a that has a lot going on for them and is going to make waves in this nation.




Yayyyy Guys its my first fashion editorial πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Let me give you guys the full gist of this fashion editorial….

CONCEPT:- In the present day, several attempts have been made to impact the world of street fashion. Photographers have done collaborations with many models, aesthetic directors, set producers and clothing companies trying to portray “in style” the effects of the street in the world of fashion. And lowkey only a few have been able to recreate a feel, a look, a visual experience that truly represents what the street brings to the table in the fashion industry. Even with all the serere people do they still fail to recreate an experience that gives a true impression of the streets in a way that it is still aesthetic and acceptable to its audience.

OUTFIT:- Tega Salubi ( @tega_salubi), a model among several occupational titles such as actor, brand ambassador an so on, took the challenge to show the world of fashion and photography his input and insight on what he understood as fashion as represented in the streets. He teamed up with the beautiful and well renowned Adedoyin Adelakun ( @dedoyin_adel ), a model and retailer of fashion with a brand of her own by the name ‘Shop Dedoyin Adel’ , Portrait and lifestyle Photographer Tunmise Otegbayo (@tunmice) and the ever esthetic Make-up artist Esther Jimmy (@ezzy_jimi). Together the multi-award winning model and the rest of the crew set out to give us a simple yet aesthetic look at the streets through carefully styled wears and overall appearance . The main attraction though are the JACKETS MEHN, also the vibrant and eye catching Jewelry and accessories and the very expressive posses that is apparent from the slightest facial expression, to their body language which all exude confidence and a hardness that can only be instilled from experiencing the dark parts of the street . The fabric choices were carefully selected , the styling choices were made after going through numerous research, and the vintage approach to street fashion coupled with modern influence was decided upon. (AMAZING ABI)The pieces were geniusly combined by Tega Salubi to make sure its audience and receptors felt nostalgia but were still able to relate with his timeline compromising style all in near perfect harmony .

LOCATION:- The photoshoot took place in an indoor garage and was intended to have a harsh and gritty look, models were in a no-smile mood which flowed with the context of the shoot perfectly as they intended and envisioned. The makeup for Adedoyin fit well into the set scene and mood. The color scheme, overrun by desaturated and also bold dark colors, all this made what they were trying to narrate clear and unoblivious to the viewers. Tunmise made the choice to use artificial light instead of natural. He accompanied his main light source, a speedlight with a soft box to allow for a gentle soft illumination. His shots precise to their response and change of poses after each click of the camera, angles definitive and descriptive at the same time . The models were nothing short of outstanding and professional, watching them work was truly a sight to behold . I Believe we can all agree that they did an amazing on “Fashion as told from the Streets” FEATURING: Photographer- Tunmise Otegbayo. Ig: @tunmice Models- Tega Salubi. Ig: @tega_salubi Adedoyin Adelakun. Ig: @dedoyin_adel Stylist- Tega Salubi. Ig: @tega_salubi Makeup Artist- Esther Jimmy. Ig: @ezzy_jimi Written by: Emmanuel Alexander Apagu. Ig:@beamer


SAY NO TO CYBER BULLYING #sefunmiisbeautiful

Currently very sick and angry

Lowkey i thought there were some certain things that couldn’t happen in Nigeria.

I woke up this morning and while going through my instagram stories i saw a hashtag that said #sefunmiisbeautiful i was very perplexed to see this because sefunmi is very very beautiful, from the first day i met her and she smiled at me i knew damn this girl as an amazing smile.

It’s very annoying when i hear people we look up to do nonsense with the power or the popularity they have, no body, whosoever, popular or not popular has the right to go online to write wrong about someone else. She might not have an hourglass shape but really what’s your business, what’s your business with her age (is it your age), i will always tell people that social media has more power than politics and if you do bad with it what makes you different from a corrupt leader… Most social media influencers have not finished removing the spec from their eyes but they will be trying to remove the spec from other people’s eyes.

I think you guys should respect the fact that we look up to you for good and vital information and try not to spoil your reputation.

So i am calling out to everyone who is going to read this blog post and is on twitter to please go and retweet the hashtag #sefunmiisbeautiful and let’s prove to those cyber bullies that we have power too and they owe us an apology.



My Life As A Single Girl

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I won’t normally write about this but when I thought about it, I found it very fun to talk about.

Being single isn’t the most interesting thing but it’s the easiest way of life. What do I mean? It’s NOT INTERESTING in the sense that I get to be the third wheel whenever I go out with my friends, i am the errand girl/master planner on valentine’s day or the security woman whenever they are doing *coughs* and It’s the EASIEST WAY OF LIFE in the sense that I get to make my decisions without thinking if i am making the decision for 2 (i hope you get). I don’t have to wake up to the thought of seeing or checking up on somebody, I get to mingle more (because i am single 😎) and stuffs like that.

I always tell people that I am single but not Lonely, having the holy spirit is like having all you need in a guy, yh sometimes i seem crazy when I talk to myself or smile to myself in public but all that is for the Holy Spirit (Yass I’m his WIFE ).

I have been single for close to 4 years although it hasn’t been a bed of roses but it has been a bed of growth. Times come when I actually want those hugs, gifts, attention and affection but I always remember to keep myself for my future partner.

Single life has given me the opportunity to Grow, to know how to love, to have self control and patience. There have been times when I have fallen in “LOVE” in the past 4 years but one thing I know is, I would not go into a relationship until i am ready… (You might ask when Will I be Ready? Don’t worry that’s another blog post #anticipate), I rather take my time with someone i see a future with, rather than rush into making a vague decision with the person then wake up one morning and say I am not feeling the relationship again.

So being single isn’t a punishment or a curse it’s just God’s way of telling us that we need to grow, and when the right person comes you will know because you will have a sudden peace in your heart towards whatever the person does, you will just know the person is the one.

Finally, Take your time to GROW, get to know yourself better, always remember your feelings are not for trial and error and don’t date because you want to pass away time. Set Goals you want to accomplish before you enter a relationship and before the twinkle of an eye you are on the aisle.




10 Fun Facts About Me

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Few days back someone messaged me on instagram and told me to write about “myself” but really my self can’t be fully described in writing 😎 (I’m bad like that ), so i decided to do it in parts and i am starting with 10 Fun Facts About Me.

1. I am Christocentric

2. I Love licking Nutella #chocolateaddict

3. I Love Sleep

4. I love cooking #foodaddict

5. The first thing i do when i wake up is check my phone.

6. I am afraid of Clowns

7. I Love Mathematics

8. I can’t go a week without taking ice cream

9. I love playing Candy Crush

10. I Love singing, dance and drawing.

There are so many other fun facts about me so if you want to know more pls send in your comments, and let the conversation continue.

This blog post is dedicated to Tife😚



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So wozzup guys,

Portbelly or lower belly pouch or even big stomach, everything just means that your stomach is not flat!!! Don’t worry i understand what you guys are going through, I am a victim and i have lots of victim friends, we are in this together.

I know you’ll always see the conventional

●Drink lots of water

●Work Out

●Eat healthy

●Don’t eat after 7:30pm

The truth is this things work perfectly, But really? How many times have you tried this, how often have you even done them and your tummy is still the same or maybe even worse.

Personally, the only thing I recommend is CONSISTENCY.

Consistency in drinking lots of water, I have been on the cycle once and i can assure you that its authentic (due to my large water intake I always assume I pee out my fat πŸ˜‚), not only does it work for belly fat, it also gives you a bonus package of fresh skin 😎.

So from today, I mean maybe now, start drinking water, I think you should get a cup of water now as you’re reading this post.

For working out I recommend situps and planks. Let me gist you guys, so about 3years ago I used to do situps, squats and planks but i suddenly stopped even before the year ran out, which resulted to my lower belly fat. Can you see why I said consistency is necessary?

I understand its not easy because me I LOVE FOOD ALOT, but you can eat as much as you want just be consistent with your workout plan.

Don’t give up if you have started and if you haven’t started take a conscious decision to start today. It might look like nothing is happening but trust me good things don’t happen in the blink of an eye. Consistency is what shows the results of your efforts.